SING song "I'm Still Standing" with LYRICS no CUTSCENES Letöltés

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  • 2017. márc. 17.

  • ⭐ SING movie CLIPS: ⭐ MOVIE SONGS: ⭐ MOVIE SONGS with LYRICS: 🎬 Scene from animated movie SING (2016) - Johnny / Taron Egerton singing "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John (Johhny😉). 💚 Movie by Illumination Entertainment 💗 ➜ Please ENJOY, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more to come!


  • YahYeet XD_
    YahYeet XD_ 2 éve

    Told my teacher iam still standing my classmates said yeah yeah yeah

  • StarlightDiamondPug

    Don't you think it was soooooooo cool when Johnnys dad broke out of prison? He looked like mobzilla/ Godzilla!

  • Simon Mills
    Simon Mills 3 éve

    I love Johnny and his voice😍😻❤️😘

  • Charley Peachy

    Taron's voice I can't

  • Shinichi Kudo
    Shinichi Kudo 3 éve

    Johnny is my favourite performer in Sing. Everyone is great but I think Johnny is the best all-around performer. I was really moved during his song.

  • Butros OsaGi
    Butros OsaGi 5 hónapja


  • SEO McNeo
    SEO McNeo 3 éve

    This is the best lyric video I've come across. Finally, a decent one that let's me sing along whilst watching my favourite part of the film. Johnny's dad breaking out of jail was awesome! 😎

  • Adventures Survive

    I have been singing that song all week

  • Maureen Dreaver

    When his dad said boys turn that down it's like they put it really loud and they couldn't hear him XD

  • TotalTime
    TotalTime 6 hónapja

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Anyone else? Like or comment if u like this song❤️❤️❤️

  • Abbie Cabrera
    Abbie Cabrera 3 éve

    Man.., Harambe can really sing.

  • Antou
    Antou 2 éve

    I just can't stop watching this! I always come close to crying when his dad realises he's not with his son. And when he reaches him after omg!

  • Ran Kitahara
    Ran Kitahara 1 éve

    And this voice is gonna be in Elton John biography movie. So proud of Taron ❤

  • Toof Cande
    Toof Cande 2 éve (szerkesztve)

    piano playing

  • Selethea Jones

    This is the best ever😂😜🙏🏽

  • iron mans channel

    this is the best song

  • Iza xxx
    Iza xxx 2 éve

    i like i'm sill stading

  • LBJ For Life
    LBJ For Life 3 éve

    Johhny is a cool guy he perform great so great!

  • Jakki Mercado
    Jakki Mercado 3 éve

    i love johnny and his voice

  • superdude 2411

    So is this just the iTunes song played over the clip of the movie? I’m just asking because the in the movie’s audio the piano is much more prominent, as well as the background singers. I like it more that way.