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  • 2020. febr. 21.

  • [SKZ VLOG] 리노(Lee Know) : 리노, 하고 싶은 거 다 하지 마 Stray Kids Digital Single "Step Out of Clé" iTunes & Apple Music: https://apple.co/2tLpcmQ Spotify: https://spoti.fi/36sgU0F Stray Kids Official YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StrayKids Stray Kids Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JYPEStrayKids/ Stray Kids Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stray_Kids Stray Kids Official Fan's: https://fans.jype.com/StrayKids #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #SKZVLOG #브이로그 #StepOutofClé #DoubleKnot #Levanter #YouMakeStrayKidsStay Copyrights 2020 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  • bluerain
    bluerain 7 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    seungmin and jeongin:

  • oh well
    oh well 6 hónapja

    jisung: lets get chinese food !!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 hónapja

    Lee Know:

  • 런쥔이 아잉
    런쥔이 아잉 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Okay, but is no one going to talk about how Minho’s friends are

  • Aleksandra Topolskova

    Minho: saying goodbye to his cats

  • Nephie Alvarion
    Nephie Alvarion 7 hónapja

    minho: "these are my friends that i like ate school lunch with...and hung out and did homework with"

  • Kuladoy Debaudin
    Kuladoy Debaudin 7 hónapja

    Minho's Vlog:

  • thinking of yanan
    thinking of yanan 6 hónapja

    Hyunjins vlog was his whole day. Lee Knows vlog I feel like I saw a life for a span of a week lol he has such an active social life

  • I Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No Jams

    Minho: “I am good at pubg”

  • 서연
    서연 7 hónapja

    Still thinking about how dispatch missed the Minsung date

  • Asya syakrh
    Asya syakrh 7 hónapja

    Lee know said that being a YouTuber is amazing.. because he can't talk alone.. but for me his doing amazing job for his vlog, like i.n said that lee know vlog was the best..

  • mimiji ya
    mimiji ya 4 hónapja

    When they came to Chan's house, Chan's mom called skz her son and now Lino's Dad think of SKZ as his own son too omg I'm emo

  • yien luong
    yien luong 6 hónapja


  • Connor Wright
    Connor Wright 3 hónapja

    minho: ‘we ate lunch and did our homework’

  • yxneth ¡!
    yxneth ¡! 7 hónapja


  • Sara j.
    Sara j. 1 hónapja

    Minho: goes to a cat café

  • Red Oly Reccion
    Red Oly Reccion 7 hónapja

    Remember when Chan said that Jisung is the Noisiest person in the group?But when it comes to the dorm he is the most quiet one?

  • 빙진이
    빙진이 4 hónapja

    dispatch: lee know and han jisung of stray kids are dating

  • Lee Mingo
    Lee Mingo 1 hónapja

    Minho's Vlog is so Effortless like, it looks like he does whatever he wanted and doesnt care. But at the sametime its not boring at all, instead its entertaining. He doesnt care whether his Dad Mom, Grandma or even his Friends are shown in the Camera

  • nads1533
    nads1533 1 hónapja

    Who else wants to see another Lee Know vlog?!