Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye ft. Kimbra (Lyrics) Letöltés

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  • 2012. ápr. 19.

  • Yes I do know that I spelled instrumental wrong thank you. I didn't really give a shit when I made this video cause I did it out of boredom and my friend asked. Never was trying to get 2 million views but hey that's cool.


  • Andvir W
    Andvir W 1 éve (szerkesztve)

    I'm here because my dog went to my brother when I called him

  • iamsoweirrd
    iamsoweirrd 9 hónapja

    I dedicated this to my non-existent ex.

  • PixelsArea
    PixelsArea 8 hónapja

    ‘Cya tomorrow gamer.

  • Phelloy
    Phelloy 9 hónapja

    My good grades said to me; "Somebody that I used to know"

  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye 8 hónapja

    When you "pspspsps" your cat and it doesn't care

  • Mckin Chicken
    Mckin Chicken 8 hónapja

    Me at 2 am:

  • PeepeePoopoo • 69 years ago

    I can officially say who’s watching this in 2020

  • Paco
    Paco 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)


  • • Toxic •
    • Toxic • 9 hónapja

    How ironic his name is

  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 éve

    This guy made one song and left now he’s just somebody that we used to know

  • iggyterino
    iggyterino 8 hónapja

    this should've been the song of the decade.

  • Puglet Playz
    Puglet Playz 9 hónapja

    Me Having My Hair Cut:

  • iM tRyInG
    iM tRyInG 8 hónapja

    “we’re not friends and not enemies, just strangers with memories” 🖤

  • mei aihara
    mei aihara 8 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Sending big hugs to those who are listening to this now

  • Amélie J
    Amélie J 8 hónapja

    Sad boys in 2019: listen to juice world

  • marley rochester
    marley rochester 8 hónapja

    When you're bestie says she'll keep in touch..

  • eztok1
    eztok1 9 hónapja

    When this song first came out I really disliked it, because I was still young and didnt get the genius of the lyrics.

  • L E V I A C K E R M A N

    "Well you said that we would still be friends."

  • David
    David 5 hónapja

    Somebody watching this while the corona time?

  • abby
    abby 9 hónapja

    ah, a song my dad put on my ipod playlist when i was little. i guess he tried to get me to like his music. now he's dead. i just broke up with my 3rd girlfriend this year. i haven't been able to keep any of them for over a month. also after every breakup my sanity drains and i self harm because i dont feel good enough. im glad im done with this current relationship tho cuz it felt toxic.