Stray Kids "극과 극(N/S)" Video (Street Ver.) Letöltés

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  • 2018. nov. 21.

  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "극과 극(N/S)" Video (Street Ver.) Stray Kids 3RD MINI ALBUM "I am YOU" iTunes & Apple Music: Spotify: Stray Kids Official YouTube: Stray Kids Official Facebook: Stray Kids Official Twitter: Stray Kids Official Fan's: #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #IamYOU Copyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.


  • Amna khalfan
    Amna khalfan 11 hónapja

    JYP to ITZY: let’s do your MV in the grocery store and office

  • jose pepe torres
    jose pepe torres 1 hónapja

    no one:

  • Jenny Xin
    Jenny Xin 2 hete

    Get Woojin’s crusty dusty hands off Felix’s shoulders

  • Évelyne Courtemanche

    Mom: We're in public don't do weird shit

  • YehetSehunYehet

    I just wanna slap that arm off of Felix

  • Suna Rintarou
    Suna Rintarou 6 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    When they took the name "stray kids" way too seriously

  • lakshmi praba Sandiya
    lakshmi praba Sandiya 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Blinks: Blackpink in your Area

  • fullsunie uwu
    fullsunie uwu 1 hónapja


  • Janmachi
    Janmachi 3 hete

    They look like frickin chromosomes in O X O X O part

  • Stan Dayshicc
    Stan Dayshicc 3 hete

    Suddenly “red light green light swag bye or wassup man” isn’t iconic

  • Azemina Kujundzic

    Just imagine walking down the street and see Stray kids dancing like this.....

  • Abbigail Pile
    Abbigail Pile 3 hete


  • Han Jisung
    Han Jisung 3 hete

    We need this without wjin

  • nicole
    nicole 3 hete

    red light green light swag wont hit as hard as it it used to

  • Felix’s cooking like a chef i'm a 5 star michelin

    Stray kids in the studio recording N/S :

  • Karissa Thai
    Karissa Thai 5 hónapja

    I swear in this video Stray Kids turned into a rap gang. No more vocalists.

    TWICE & ONCE 3 hete (szerkesztve)

    W**jin has nothing to do with skz anymore...They are OT8 now...Don't comment anything about woJ!n

  • I Hate u
    I Hate u 3 hete

    The main point of this song:

  • Milisha Das
    Milisha Das 1 hónapja

    I literally died from laughing 😂😂😂 when IN starts moaning at

  • Jennifer Feitosa

    there's an animal walking beside you 🤢 be careful