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  • 2016. aug. 15.

  • Check out a new series about DATING A Short Film By Jay Diaz Filmed on the Sony A7sII using only natural light. Please Like and Share! Follow me on all platforms: Snapchat: TheJayDiaz Music provided by AudioJungle Music also by Foghat - Slow Ride Special Thank to: THE GARAGE AND MOTOR CLUB


  • Jay Diaz
    Jay Diaz 5 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    A new video about DATING is out now! Check that out too after this video 😊

  • MagicalCat Piss
    MagicalCat Piss 11 hónapja

    When I was younger I thought people where being dramatic about this situation...but now I'm in it and I can't control my emotions.

  • Reyes S
    Reyes S 6 hónapja

    And this is the reason why there’s so many broken people. They don’t go through these stages. They just jump into another relationship without healing themselves.

  • Heather
    Heather 6 hónapja

    I thought I was the only one crying randomly throughout the day after my breakup. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  • Rosé
    Rosé 6 hónapja

    First heartbreak of 2020 🙃

  • badum tss
    badum tss 2 hónapja

    my 5 stages after a breakup:

  • Lexiemae P
    Lexiemae P 9 hónapja

    We dont miss the person, we miss the potential of who they could have been.

  • bearly882
    bearly882 3 hónapja

    When you barely just started at the first stage... ;'(( Now we're stuck in self-quarantine, the pain is even harder to get rid of... 😭 I can't stop thinking about him every day... ;-; I'm regretting everything..

  • Jennifer Huynh
    Jennifer Huynh 4 hónapja

    For anyone going through this: I feel you. It hurts so bad. But

  • Graceann Petrassi
    Graceann Petrassi 1 hónapja

    i watched this video months ago and thought i’d never get to the end stage..

  • Lussac Momin
    Lussac Momin 2 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Can you imagine a heartbreak ..when you just have phone and nothing else ..when going out is illegal and no distraction and ya no friends...

  • shimmy shimmy
    shimmy shimmy 1 éve

    Im i the only who isnt able to eat after breakups??!!

  • proud slytherin02
    proud slytherin02 7 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I think that maybe after some time, you don’t actually miss the person, you miss the feeling which this person gave you during the relationship . You were loved and appreciated by someone. I had suffered from low self esteem before I met my boyfriend and now that my boyfriend has left me, I suffer from it again, because there’s no one who shows me that I’m worth something and I’m too weak to prove it myself. Of course I miss him, we had such a wonderful time, but I’m not sure if I miss him as my boyfriend or as my best friend. The only thing I know for sure is that I miss the feeling of being loved, which I was able to experience because of my ex.

  • M
    M 5 hónapja

    We always forget the bad things about that person and just see everything through rose tinted glasses when looking back...

  • Lemyza Preciado
    Lemyza Preciado 5 hónapja

    I just want to be at stage 5 so bad already

  • Elidia Guzman
    Elidia Guzman 5 hónapja

    We miss ourselves. Because we put ourselves in to another person. When they leave we feel lost.

  • ncuzia angel
    ncuzia angel 1 éve

    We don't miss the person .. we miss the memories.. we miss the promises.. we miss the feelings..we miss our cute conversations ..

  • Gaia per caso
    Gaia per caso 2 hónapja

    "You don't need to be with the first person who's nice to you".. YES!! Yes you don't!

  • sandieneilan
    sandieneilan 6 hónapja

    Getting through the self love phase now. So much happier:)

  • ella
    ella 6 hónapja

    watching this after my boyfriend of 3.5 years just broke of with me.. what makes it worse was he broke up with me on Christmas day lol. my holidays are officially ruined forever