The Afters- Say it now Letöltés

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  • 2013. jan. 22.

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  • loveinspired7
    loveinspired7 1 éve

    I was actually looking for ANOTHER song called, "Say It Now", when I ran into this one.

  • Dinesh Kanna
    Dinesh Kanna 1 éve

    2019 anyone 😂

  • Sarah Ellen
    Sarah Ellen 5 éve

    My sister sent me here, she told me to listen to it and now I have no words...

  • Falisha Zucker

    this reminds me of Kim Jonghyun

  • sweet night
    sweet night 2 éve

    listening to it over and over again!!

  • Kai Rainey Day

    I should’ve told him that I liked him. But I’m too afraid it’ll disappear

  • Duhsangi Ralte

    Don't waste another heart beat cause we'll never know until we let it out,let it out

  • Simran
    Simran 4 éve


  • Pkrc Plastics
    Pkrc Plastics 5 éve

    tune is really very beautiful

  • Promise Wallace

    love this song in i reminder when I dated my boyfriend that I'm still dating .this go to my boyfriend Dylan hall I love you.;)

  • AIN Samad
    AIN Samad 4 éve

    it's was amazing.I watch this video when I feel sad

  • Kaylin Yin
    Kaylin Yin 5 éve

    Love it!

  • Javid Ahmed
    Javid Ahmed 3 éve

    i can't say anything now after listening 2 dis song . i have no words

  • kdrama tamil
    kdrama tamil 3 éve

    awesome voice & Beat!!!!!!!!!...

  • destany rees
    destany rees 5 éve


  • lexi V
    lexi V 2 éve

    this song is just perfect.... i have no words

  • lexi V
    lexi V 3 hónapja

    Someone used this song to make a fan video about the kdrama The Heirs . Now i am obsessed with this song. One of the best song ever

  • Samantha Ortiz Garcia

    I love this song I heard it for Rachel challenge on Thursday

  • RoseX Subvs- 수민
    RoseX Subvs- 수민 5 hónapja

    This just reminds me of my 5th grade crush well actually it was more than a crush and I miss him so much if I ever see him again I will hug him so tight🥺😭❤️ if you know a boy named lavan ayoso plsssssss lmk:((((

  • blink OT4
    blink OT4 1 éve

    2019 anyone ¿¿