The Bailout of AIG Ten Years Later Letöltés

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  • 2018. szept. 18.

  • Sep.18 -- On September 16th, 2008, the U.S. government bailed out the financial services and insurance firm AIG. At over $180 billion, it was the largest bailout of a private company in history. AIG eventually returned to profit, repaying the government a total of $205 billion in 2012.


  • The Great of Beam

    lol sounds like im watching a middle earth movie

    PIXEL POTATO 1 éve

    Let's be more accurate... The US TAXPAYERS bailed out AIG, and of course that pool of money is controlled by the US GOVERNMENT...

  • Gladson George

    Become Too large to fail, else government will ignore you

  • Jens Hoekendijk

    Federal Reserve Secretly Gave Away $60,000 Billion in AIG Bailout

  • laysla ketlen
    laysla ketlen 11 hónapja

    american international group inc AIG deceives Brazilian and does not pay rights of Brazilian who suffered a serious accident in the United States I live sick to this day in Brazil because of this AIG that deceived me and neither the musc hospital of charleston SC AIG also did not pay the expenses my salaries not even my worst insurer compensation in the world do not insure with AIG claim services and more is 10 years later these years all AIG for me not to disclose the name of AIG in newspapers and websites called me in Brazil and scared me and coerced me and forced aceiatr 15 thousand being that AIG had to give me more than 70 thousand to 100 thousand and pay the hospital musc of SC and AIG did nothing alive with various health problems today in Brazil all because of this bad insurance AIG and worst insurer of the AIG world does not pay nor this crumb that I owe will be that AIG will pay the plague that got 85 billion with the federal reserve think