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  • 2012. aug. 30.

  • The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (Trailer)


  • E.V.Gore
    E.V.Gore 2 éve

    ‘whats the film about?’

  • MJ Fan!
    MJ Fan! 1 éve

    Damn, George is so good at playing the floor

  • ferociousgumby

    John is either having fun, or stoned, or stoned having fun, or having fun being stoned.

  • Mary Stroughton

    That movie is like a dream. It makes sense until you wake up.

  • Mr. Steal Yo Juice

    George is life.

  • villaparis2
    villaparis2 3 éve

    The Beatles didn't know what they doing when they made this film but it's brilliant, big influence on Martin Scorsese

  • roger james
    roger james 2 éve

    They were so free - Not worrying about conforming to a rock and roll image - just allowing creativity to manifest in any shape or form … A delight to see no boundaries - just pure imagination! ...

  • xMcNultyx
    xMcNultyx 7 éve

    watch it on LSD and it makes sense

  • Donald Dandelion

    "You know what's next on the agenda?"

  • Fuckyou
    Fuckyou 7 éve

    Why was this not as popular as yellow submarine?

  • Marcio Ivam de Brito Teixeira

    Beatles the best ! FOREVER !

  • failtair
    failtair 7 éve

    most people didn't have a colour tv so it was black-white

  • your least favorite youtuber

    This film is what its like to smoke weed without taking a single puff

  • danny Flores
    danny Flores 2 éve

    Magical Mystery Tour will be the next life , so reserve your tickets

  • bassicuk1986
    bassicuk1986 3 éve

    got to love LSD and shrooms 😉😎

  • Caleb Prince
    Caleb Prince 7 éve

    Watch if while sipping a cup of black tea with maybe some sugar in it, and it sounds great!

  • Felipe Antunes
    Felipe Antunes 11 hónapja

    "In Lusythaine" :

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 1 hete

    There's no business like show business ❤

  • subg88
    subg88 3 éve

    Paul does his David Brent impersonation:

  • Felipe Antunes

    ( Continuing. )