The Best Airport Food EVER! Delicious Noodles at Singapore Airport (Bali to Athens, Greece) Letöltés

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  • 2018. jún. 23.

  • On our way from Bali to Greece, we had a late night layover in Singapore Changi Airport and stumbled on to the most amazing food court ever for one last noodle meal! Be sure and use this link to sign up for Airbnb and get a BIG discount off your first stay! Watch our entire Bali series! Get Royalty Free Music from Epidemic Sound! SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL! Supporters get early access to never before seen vlogs, hand-written postcards and more! ► BUY OUR TRAVEL GEAR ► Don’t miss the adventure, SUBSCRIBE! ► New travel videos posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! == Follow Us == Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Travel Blog - == About Us == We're Eric & Allison Bieller and we're on a journey to find the most interesting places and unique foods this planet has to offer! We've traded in our steady paychecks and permanent home for a life of travel and adventure. Come along and see the world with us! Music by


  • The Endless Adventure

    Be sure and use this link to sign up for Airbnb and get a BIG discount off your first stay!

  • Isabelle ?
    Isabelle ? 2 éve

    as a singaporean who has been trained to use chopsticks from younger than 3 years old, the way you guys use them are driving me crazy lol

  • Tim Eats and Travels

    Singapore Airport is hands down one of my favourite airports. I always make sure I arrive hours before my flight so I get to get in some plane spotting, people watching and foodie adventure. It's a culinary dream destination. Can't wait for my return to Changi airport. Your laksa looks on point!

  • The Journey
    The Journey 2 éve

    You guys are so close to 100k!!! So pumped for you two you totally deserve it. Your Bali videos have been epic.

  • Becca Riley
    Becca Riley 2 éve

    So happy seeing f your channel grow over the last couple years. Almost at 100k WOOOOO. So deserving 💗👌🏼

  • allan sisson
    allan sisson 2 éve

    You looked rested after that flight. The balcony and that food looked amazing. Great job editing ,you must've had a lot to go through.

  • LeggLife
    LeggLife 2 éve

    The Bali vlogs have been absolutely amazing, so excited to follow along with your Greek adventure!

  • Shokkdog
    Shokkdog 2 éve

    I find it so refreshing that you are traveling the world wearing souvenir sunglasses from your Symphony of the Seas cruise, lol :)

  • Richard Miller

    Great video guy's, well done. I love it when you come to the UK.

  • The Squirrel Wranglers

    Oh my god you guys are almost at 100,000! It has been crazy and amazing to see you guys grow

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M 2 éve

    Your air. b&b in Athens reminds me of the air b&b that Mark Wiens stayed in when he was in Athens. Great video you two!

  • Ruth Adamson
    Ruth Adamson 2 éve

    I hurt my tailbone just a few days before a 30 hours coach trip. I feel your pain and did the whole sitting on a neck pillow thing!

  • Arcey dear
    Arcey dear 2 éve

    Hi Eric & Allison, i am enjoying your vlogs. I am a bit concerned there seemed to be a good deal of graffiti where you are staying. Is tbat common all over greece or just that neighborhood? Enjoy the trip and keep on vlogging?

  • Denise Gale
    Denise Gale 2 éve (szerkesztve)

    Looking forward to your Greek vlogs! I have been to a couple of Greek islands and they are so beautiful and the food is delicious especially their Greek yogurt and honey which was so much creamier than any I have had in the U.K even creamier than the fage brand we get which is authentic! I had it for breakfast every morning with honey and banana, delicious😁

  • dave atkin
    dave atkin 2 éve

    Great video guys can't wait for the next and also great that u doing UK soon hope u enjoy our country we u start the UK tour.. Safe travels guys

  • Family Travel Vlog

    You guys are the nicest couple. I love your positivity

  • Laurance Choong

    Discovered u guys from following Josh & Ashley. You guys have great travelling content too...totally anticipating your 100k click soon! Travel on...!

  • Tracey Nobil
    Tracey Nobil 2 éve

    I've enjoyed watching your travels - have fun in Greece! I have traveled on a boat between Turkey and Greece and remember needing something for the motion that I usually do not need - just saying. But, it was amazingly gorgeous!!!!

  • Syed Faiz
    Syed Faiz 2 éve

    I’ve read on somewhere that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world. I am surprised you guys were able to get such a great deal on the food. In SFO, you just barely get a full meal or sandwich for $15.

  • APJ’s Experience

    You have the most amazing videos! Makes me hungry every time I watch the food videos you make. Lol