The Police Live 2008 Letöltés

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  • 2015. okt. 21.


  • J J
    J J 10 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    Loving all the different arrangements to these classics.

  • Victor Baclagon
    Victor Baclagon 8 hónapja

    when I grow up I want to be like Sting

  • Wilfredo Mendez
    Wilfredo Mendez 4 hónapja

    Who's still watching in 2020 and during the quarantine?

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 1 éve

    One of the best Bands to com0'se out of the

  • T Bay
    T Bay 1 éve

    Driven to tears.........phenominal!!!! Oh and Andy can play too...dont forget him.

  • Rob Stimson
    Rob Stimson 1 éve

    Real live rock and roll. Word.

  • John Hardesty
    John Hardesty 1 éve

    Three will always live together longer than one!

  • John Skerlec
    John Skerlec 3 hónapja

    And yes Copeland is a Legend. Having fun and with that jazz grip on the sticks.

  • Johan Rodríguez


  • alex dornelli
    alex dornelli 9 hónapja

    saw them in Rio in 1981, small concert Sting wearing yellow overalls and Coppeland blowing the hell outta my mind because I yet had to accept the new beat of the 80's

  • celso Franca
    celso Franca 1 éve

    Back in 1981, at Budokan, Stewart Copland had the word おまんこ written on his drums. I remember that. so funny.

  • Anglomik
    Anglomik 7 hónapja

    I've seen so many "Super-Groups;" this is the one I regret not seeing the most.

  • John Hardesty
    John Hardesty 1 éve

    Police, still that ultimate triumvirate!!!

  • Michaël Materne


  • Peter Tamura
    Peter Tamura 5 hónapja

    They sound soooo good here. I picture getting blown off by a girl I really like and peeling out in my Camaro playing Can't Stand Losing You! Except I was 11 back then so it would be my bicycle...

  • nela florentino

    Goosebumps all over,

  • Jeff Sherman
    Jeff Sherman 1 éve

    Fabulous performance! Maybe one day they will get back together and I can see them live in person next time.

  • Ray S
    Ray S 1 éve

    Amazing concert tour! I saw them at the Montreal, QC show and the Ottawa, ON shows! They were both fantastic!

  • Norm Santos
    Norm Santos 11 hónapja

    in my lifetime, the beatles, led zeppelin, police...

  • asdfghjklkjhv bvcvjhvlyhb

    superb, glad they got back together to make some great quality concert footage.