Top 25 Punches That Will Never Be Forgotten... Pt2 Letöltés

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  • 2017. okt. 2.

  • Just because the video title says part 2, don't be mistaken for a drop in quality, Boxing Legends TV counts down another 25 all-time great punches that will never be forgotten. Included fighters like: Mike Tyson, Roy Jones jr, Adrien Broner and George Foreman ect


  • Mike Hensley
    Mike Hensley 1 éve

    All youtubers. This is how you do it, no stupid long intro, thanks his viewers and dives in and is straight to the point.

  • LazyGamer TEW
    LazyGamer TEW 4 hete

    uppercut himself

  • oldschoolruler
    oldschoolruler 2 napja

    Thomas 'Hit Man' Hearns vs Roberto 'Hands of Stone' of the most vicious knockouts of ALL TIME.

  • Matt Harradine
    Matt Harradine 2 hónapja


  • IluminateExodus
    IluminateExodus 5 napja


  • Lance Ledesma
    Lance Ledesma 1 éve

    Man, knocking out someone with a dislocated shoulder is pure badass

  • The Raz
    The Raz 1 napja


  • Zackary Lawso.
    Zackary Lawso. 2 napja (szerkesztve)


  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 2 hónapja

    The Brown knockout wasn't really "strange" at all. It's been seen dozens of times in boxing including the Grimsley knockout from Jimmy Thunder but your clip was just cut short. It's known as "posturing" and is a direct result and clear specific sign of brain trauma. When this happens the person involved is in a critically dangerous situation. No need for a referee's count. Medics need to get involved and administer oxygen immediately and get the individual to a medical facility ASAP. Minutes and even seconds in this type of situation are crucial and can be the difference in life or death, a person being paralyzed or not etc... wish officials were quicker to recognize this with fighters.

  • D Hope
    D Hope 2 hónapja


  • aaron e
    aaron e 1 éve

    liver shots are always delayed reactions and you fold up like a chair when it happens

  • lifendeath Chzlife
    lifendeath Chzlife 1 hónapja (szerkesztve)

    I would've like to have seen David Tua trained by Kevin Rooney.

  • Zaldy Gautama
    Zaldy Gautama 3 hete


  • Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig

    The hawk and the G man made me so glad I wasn’t there in that ring. ( wow that power)

  • Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt

    Maidonna v The BONER: How deserving.

  • Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt

    Ref: Chavez v Taylor. NO! The fight was not stopped 'unfairly': Steel watched Taylor get himself battered and butchered over twelve rounds. THEN Taylor did not respond to his query; but looked away instead. Those are the rules of boxing: You do not respond, you cannot continue. You MUST respond. You MUST look the referee in the eye. You MUST look the referee in the eye. You MUST look the referee in the eye. Taylor, in Steel's eyes, was battered and butchered; and due to his non-responsiveness, was incapable of continuing. Period. Period. Period. END of. Do NOT give me your emotional opinions! Adhere to the RULES of boxing ―or go plant peonies! Phuecgk you!

  • Ruff Rog
    Ruff Rog 2 hónapja

    This is one of the greatest compilations I've ever seen

  • Top Awesome video


  • Worthy
    Worthy 1 hónapja

    Blocker vs Goode

  • Tyrone Comblast