Toto 35th Anniversary Tour 2013 (Joseph Williams) Letöltés

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  • 2018. márc. 14.

  • Solida Presentación.


  • Old World Radio 2

    My hamster Sniffy just died while I was watching this video.

  • Zen Green
    Zen Green 3 hónapja

    Simon Phillips is an absolute beast on the drums

  • Michel Dreier
    Michel Dreier 2 hónapja

    Watching this every day since Corona... :D

  • bobefitz
    bobefitz 8 hónapja

    I was a student of Joe Porcaro, the father of Jeff, Steve and Mike Porcaro and watched them grow from the time they were little kids. Jeff and Steve would occasionally come to hear our band. There must be something to being born into the right gene pool. Father and all three sons were and are among the most talented people I have ever known. If Jeff and Mike are looking down at this concert I know they are proud of their brother Steve and all of the exceptional musicians and singers who made this performance one for the record books. This band has no weak spots and has always produced brilliant writing, performance and class on and off stage. The music speaks for itself. I got a chance to meet the whole original band way back in the early 70's and must say they exhibited a level of class sadly missing today.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 2 éve (szerkesztve)


  • heavy_peace
    heavy_peace 6 hónapja

    Love this! I rediscovered Toto with this live album and its still one of my favorite. Good to throw on for a long drive at night, which I do a lot of as a truck driver. First time I've seen the video version though, thanks for the upload!

  • keith saltmarsh
    keith saltmarsh 6 hónapja

    One of the hardest working bands ever, you never want it to end, hope they come to Ireland, I'd be there in a shot.

  • Skag Skag
    Skag Skag 8 hónapja

    2020 who's with me!

  • Dori Martínez
    Dori Martínez 3 hónapja

    Toto es un excelente Grupo., y tengo

  • GiGi9019
    GiGi9019 9 hónapja

    couldn't agree more with Tim Olsen ...

  • jesus hernandez
    jesus hernandez 9 hónapja


  • Cory Bangerter

    Steve Lukather has always been an underrated lead singer. He's got good range, sustains notes well on key and has an awesome ear for harmony. He's adjusted for age related physical changes in his voice like few others. Give props to the working man's musician.

  • Richard Koerber
    Richard Koerber 6 hónapja

    This group needs to be in the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett 4 hónapja

    Joseph Williams has taken such good care of his voice. Everything in the original key, and lots of that stuff goes so high. I felt proud watching this for some reason.

    BREDDY MCLEOD 9 hónapja

    NATHAN EAST and SIMON PHILLIPS!!!!!!!!! Legends

  • Global Rising Song

    amazing show! Saw these guys when they came out in 79 and they have rocked ever since. Simon is great on the drums.. miss Jeff, but he is darn good! Luke is amazing.. Paich and Porcaro on keys have not missed a beat. Nathan on bass is fantastic.. Steve has a great voice! Fantastic audio mix too!

  • Marc Lyndon Cafino

    One of the best,,. Pamela......since I was in my hs days til now I'm 50,imagine,,,,.

  • karan chalke
    karan chalke 2 napja

    when they performed rosanna i cried

  • Joilson Ribeiro Gomes

    Realmente a Toto é SENSACIONAL!! Sonzeira

  • Jaime Lebrac Cuevas Chandia

    Pamela gran tema Joseph, espectacular también el señor de la batería